Aguido Horatio Davis
  • Born 2 October, 1978, in Carnarvon on the Gascoyne River.
  • Citizen of Australia by birth and Éire by descent.
  • Studied as a programmer and applied mathematician at Griffith University in Brisbane, pursued a mixture of further study and contract programming in an arc from Brisbane to Darwin, currently an odd-jobs man at the University of Queensland.
  • Wants to be independently wealthy and free to hack on interesting problems in the natural sciences.
  • Plays far too much go, reads speculative fiction in industrial quantities, tests out as a Jung-Meyer-Briggs INTJ, is a practicing Roman Catholic.
Software Engineering
  • Speaks eloquent Python and PHP, fluent Javascript, SQL, bash, rusty C, Java, Haskell, VBA, FORTRAN 95 and Matlab, pidgin FORTRAN 77, Prolog, C++, Perl 5, TeX. Prefers Haskell or Python but will code in anything. Mostly command-line or browser interface, has built GUIs at need.
  • Has used the standard Python and PHP bindings for MySQL to write applications, can write raw SQL to taste.
  • Has used the standard Python and PHP bindings for MongoDB to write applications and scripts, can write raw query documents to taste.
  • Has used the standard Python and PHP bindings for SQLite to write applications and scripts can write raw SQL to taste.
  • Writes fluent HTML4 and CSS1 with sporadic excursions into CSS2/3, HTML5. Willing and able to Sass.
  • Has built web applications out of Python (CherryPy and Flask), PHP (raw, as Wordpress plugins, as Drupal modules, or as CodeIgniter|Symfony models/views/controllers), Javascript (client-side JQuery), Java (applets and servlets), and occasionally Perl.
  • Can build dynamic web sites out of Wordpress; install, configure, customise, maintain and debug plugins and themes and bbPress forums for same.
  • Knows how and why to use source revision control (cvs, svn and git) respository interfaces (Bitbucket, Github), issue tracking (Trac, Bitbucket and RT) and documentation wikis (MediaWiki, Trac, Confluence).
  • Can maintain and build Drupal 7 sites from the administrative web interface and on the command line using drush, generating nodes dynamically using the Drupal API in cron and drush scripts, write and maintain custom modules. Has done Drupal 5, 6 and 7. Looking for an excuse for 8.
  • Can reason about and implement various forms of distributed computation, from threads through cooperating processes to MIMD in-cluster parallel processing to WAN-scale clouds. Classically trained computer scientist, which means the reasoning about correctness and consistency and performance will be correct. Skills in respect of numerical methods on all of the above are rusty but present.
  • Has mapped and analysed spatial data with ArcGIS, especially the Spatial Analyst toolbox and scripting with the Python API, and processed satellite and aerial imagery with ENVI.
System Administration
  • Familiar with the Unix command line; can get work done in most POSIX-compliant environments.
  • Has built and maintained servers and workstations out of multiple dialects of Unix (including RHEL, Arch Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Solaris and OS X). Can install and administer HTTPS, SMTP, and NTP daemons to taste.
  • Can configure routing, ARP, DHCP and DNS for middle-sized networks; speaks enough IOS to wrangle Cisco routers, can build network appliances (firewalls, routers, NAT and VPN endpoints) out of Linux, Ethernet cards, stringybark and greenhide.
  • Can administer and tune MySQL on the Unix command line.
  • Can administer and tune MongoDB on Unix via Javascript and Python command lines.
  • Can administer and tune sqlite3 on Unix via shell and Python command lines.
  • Has built hosts on bare metal and in virtualization, mostly VMWare for production, KVM in NeCTAR computational hosts, and Virtualbox for other projects.
  • Has done first-tier software and hardware support for users presenting in person at a helpdesk, over the phone to a formal support line, and by email. Groks the concept of appropriate escalation and the limits of SOEs and SLAs.
  • Has built small Windows servers (NT, 2003, 2008, 2012) and workstations (XP, 7, 8 and 10). Adequate cygwin-fu.
  • Has been a tier 1 Active Directory and Exchange administrator, holding delegation to manage email and AD profiles for users of a university organisational unit. Has developed against the LDAP interfaces of same for authentication, group membership and authorisation at UQ.
General Skills
  • Has used honours-level applied mathematics and statistics to solve problems and answer questions, by hand and with Matlab, NumPy, C, R, Mathematica, FORTRAN.
  • Holds a current Queensland class C license (manual and automatic under 4.5t).
  • Knows when and how to ply first aid (Australian senior first aid certificate).
  • Speaks the Brisbane dialect of Auslan as a second language.
  • Plays go at single digit kyu strength and can teach double-digit kyu players.
  • Can teach and assess small groups; has taught Java, C, Python, discrete and continuous mathematics as lecturer, guest lecturer, demonstrator and tutor to Australian undergraduates, has run introduction-to-how-the-internet-works classes on a commercial basis in Maningrida and random introduction-to-this-software-or-service sessions with too many users to list.
  • Can engage with the scholarly literature (has reviewed for several CS conferences, and the magazine IEEE Distributed Systems Online), writes a mean literature review and has some conference papers.
  • Can do the clerical work of an Australian university research group (proofreading, filing, shelving, stores, OH&S as a trained WHSR and fire warden, mail, data entry, sample curation, logistics), collaboratively or autonomously.
  • Can run small voluntary associations (organise events and tournaments and the catering and venues thereof, run and constructively participate in committee and general meetings, keep correct records and report from them, write and debug group constitutions, write budgets and disburse or procure according to them, handle petty cash and banking, recruit and manage volunteers, build and maintain group social media) collaboratively or autonomously.
  • Has created and hacked on presentations, spreadsheets, correspondence and other documents with Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and iWork.
  • Can get basic tasks done in Dreamweaver, Acrobat and Photoshop, knows how to navigate the rest of Adobe Creative Cloud.
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Referees On request.
July 2006 - May 2011 Doctoral candidate, Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry and School of Earth Sciences, University of Queensland.
  • Studying the hydrogeochemical dynamics of salt on North Bowen Basin coal mines.
  • Data sources: hand-digitized point soil observations, hyperspectral aerial imagery, open and proprietary topographical and land use spatial data sets, and a lot of process chemistry time series.
  • Full-time candidature on APA(I) scholarship until December 2009, part-time candidature from January 2010 to March 2010, leave of absence from March 2010 until cessation of candidature in May 2011.
January 2001 - April 2005 Doctoral candidate, School of Information and Computing Technology, Griffith University.
February 2000 - November 2000 Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours (First Class), Griffith University.
  • Wrote a message-passing framework for eventual consistency maintenance between Matlab instances using Remote Method Invocation and the Matlab Java API. Documented it for the honours thesis.
  • Coursework in advanced functional programming, parallel and distributed programming, and numerical methods.
  • Griffith Award for Academic Excellence, 2000.
February 1996 - November 1999 Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Information Technology (Mathematics and Supercomputing), Griffith University.
  • Majors in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, Supercomputing.
  • Weighted grade point average of 6.25.
  • Final-year project was porting the Genehunter maximum-likelihood genomic analysis code onto the university supercomputing cluster using MPI.
  • Griffith Award for Academic Excellence, 1998.
  • Graduated with 1999 Bachelor's Medal in Applied Mathematics.
February 1994 - December 1995 Years 11 and 12, Southern Cross Catholic College, Redcliffe.
August 2017 - present University of Queensland Research Computing Centre Brisbane, Australia
QRISCloud Systems Engineer
  • Supporting QRIScloud’s computing and storage resources, including OpenStack federated cloud compute infrastructure and petabyte scale storage systems.
  • Other duties as required.
April 2012 - April 2017 University of Queensland School of Business Brisbane, Australia
Systems programmer
  • System programming and system administration for Linux hosts run by the School (RHEL and Centos and then Oracle Linux).
  • Maintained, upgraded and extended the school's User Management System in PHP (CodeIgniter) + Javascript (JQuery{-UI}) persisting to MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Technical lead for the school's Expenditure Management System (front end for UniFI purchasing with integration into Request Tracker) in PHP (CodeIgniter) + Javascript (JQuery) over MongoDB.
  • Likewise for the school's Assessment Viewing Session Registration, Online Academic Portfolio of Achievement, and other similar systems.
  • Technical lead and administrator for the school's SugarCRM instances.
  • Much extract-transform-and-load Python scripting to synchronise UQ student, staff and alumni data into the school SugarCRM instance.
  • Built and administers MongoDB nodes for the school's production web applications.
  • Python scripting to feed and data into the User Management System.
  • Ad hoc reporting scripts for all of the above (usually in Python).
  • System and application administration for the school's Drupal web sites, including domain name and DNS work.
  • Other duties as required (including user support via email, telephone, relief support at physical helpdesk).
August 2011 Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, Australia
Contract systems analyst and auditor
  • Assessed and reported upon JCAC's network and computing infrastructure.
  • Assessed, reported upon and planned the Yiwaji College's initial network and computing infrastructure at South Barkley campus.
  • Emergency audit and security of JCAC core information systems after abrupt senior personnel turnover.
April 2011 - April 2012 OBE Beef P/L Brisbane, Australia
System administrator
  • Administered, built and maintained Unix servers and Windows workstations at the Brisbane headquarters.
  • Migrated IT and telecommunications for move to new site at Brisbane Airport, including laying out a fresh LAN and all associated infrastructure.
  • Advised and assisted in respect of the corporate web site (Wordpress plus plugins; coordinated with contract designer, application and account administration).
  • Administered and built out Google Apps for Enterprise for core corporate data after decommissioning previous Windows Server 2008 solution.
  • Upgraded resource planning systems, evaluated the business case for each alternative against the commercial context, project-managed implementation of and migration to JCurve dialect of NetSuite (December 2011 to March 2012).
February 2011 - April 2012 University of Queensland Library Brisbane, Australia
Help desk officer
  • Rostered shifts on the AskIT help desk at the Social Sciences and Humanities Library, and answered calls to the student telephone help line.
  • Advised and assisted university students with the University's computing resources, including internet access, library and database access, printing, and software.
  • Opened, closed, and supervised the public computing rooms in Duhig Building, including the Assistive Technology Rooms for disabled students.
  • Lent out hardware and room keys using the library circulation systems, and supplied incidental advice and direction as required.
February 2008 - March 2008 Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council Edward River, Queensland, Australia
Contract systems analyst and trainer
  • Assessed and reported upon Pormpuraaw community's network and computing infrastructure.
  • Carried out vocational IT training at Pormpuraaw CDEP.
  • Reported to the CDEP training officer.
March 2005 - March 2010 Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry Brisbane, Australia
Research assistant
  • Full-time principal developer for ACARP project C15001, March 2005 to July 2006, reporting to Professor Chris Moran.
  • Other duties as required (clerical, stores, WHSR, system administration, logistical), June 2005 to June 2006.
  • Part-time sessional appointments for programming and system administration work during full-time study, August 2006 to March 2010.
February 2005 - March 2005 Queensland Rail Brisbane, Australia
Passenger load survey officer
  • Visually counted passenger movements on and off carriages of metropolitan trains in Brisbane.
August 2004 - September 2004 Maningrida Jobs, Education and Training Centre Maningrida, Northern Territory, Australia
Contract trainer and web developer
  • Delivered web and server administration training into NT Learnscope project 5548.
  • Built web server and web pages for (site lapsed).
  • While in town, resurrected the Maningrida Arts and Culture art database.
March 2004 - September 2009 Remote Rural Resources P/L Brisbane, Australia
Contract programmer and systems administrator
  • Built and maintained a series of web servers, web sites (Drupal and Wordpress), and small-scale network services, including the Pathways to Employment project portal (Wordpress plus custom survey plugin).
  • Other numerical analysis and short-form prose generation as a subcontractor on consulting work.
  • Domain and database administration (MySQL on OS X and Linux) for the company.
  • Reported to Queensland principal consultant of RRR.
February 2004 - September 2004 Queensland Institute of Business and Technology Brisbane, Australia
Sessional teacher
  • Tutored 1104CIT Programming II and 1108ECS Business Statistics in Semester I.
  • Relief lecturer for subjects 1101CIT Discrete Mathematics and 1102CIT Concrete Mathematics in Semester II, 2004.
February 2001 - June 2001 School of Computing and Information Technology, Griffith University Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Sessional lecturer
  • Lecturer for CIT2134 Programming Paradigms and Languages (introduction to Python, Haskell, Prolog and C).
  • Revised curriculum completely, lectured it to a class of ~130.
  • Led a teaching team of three tutors/markers, each of us with tutorial sections of ~30 students.
January 2001 - June 2005 School of Science, Griffith University Brisbane, Australia
Contract programmer and systems administrator
  • Administered their Flying Fish server; Flying Fish was a learning management system for coursework in the quantitative disciplines via the Web.
  • Developed assessment and teaching content (first-year physics) in Java applets, CSS1 and DHTML.
  • Performed related support tasks, including occasionally rebuilding the server on Windows NT.
  • Reported to Professor Evan Gray.
November 2000 - April 2002 Ed's Mowing Redcliffe, Australia
Casual labourer
  • Mowed client lawns.
  • Associated weeding, shovelling, other gardening tasks as required.
February 2000 - November 2001 School of Computing and Information Technology, Griffith University Brisbane, Australia
Sessional tutor
December 2000 Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Griffith University Brisbane, Australia
Summer research programmer
December 1999 - February 2000 Queensland Parallel Supercomputing Foundation, Griffith University Brisbane, Australia
Applications programmer
  • Porting a parallel version of Genehunter from Griffith University's SP2 parallel computer to QUT's SGI Origin.
January 1999 - February 1999 School of Mathematics, University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia
Summer studentship
  • Evaluated an experimental variant of Galerkin's method for preconditioning matrix equations linearised from Laplace's equation.
  • Trial implementation was written in MATLAB on a Sun box.
  • Reported to Dr William McLean.
December 1997 Johnson Controls Brisbane, Australia
Work experience placement
  • Writing a small air conditioning hours tracking package using VBA to script Microsoft Excel.
December 1994 - January 1995 Redcliffe City Library Redcliffe, Australia
Work experience placement
  • Shelving and book binding.
June 2003 - present Australian Mensa
Inactive member
February 2003 - present Brisbane Go Club
June 2002 - June 2013 Association for Computing Machinery
Professional member
February 2001 - present Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Professional member
1999 - present Golden Key Honour Society
June 1997 - April 2005 Peninsula Toastmasters Club 1444-69
  • Earned CTM certification in June 2000 and CL certification in December 2000.
August 2014 PyCon Australia 2014 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Full-time volunteer for the prequel miniconferences, the main conference and the immediate tear down.
  • Duties: fronting the registration desk, generic logistics.
  • Reported to Clinton Roy of BrisPy via a stochastically-defined chain of command.
March 2014 - present Queensland Go Society Queensland, Australia
General secretary
  • Brisbane chapter convenor, March 2014 to February 2015: ran a weekly evening meeting at the GO Lounge, venue liaison, directed club tournaments, supported general secretary.
  • General secretary, February 2015 to February 2020: combined the duties of a secretary (logistics and records), treasurer (accounting and banking) and president (public relations, chair, internal diplomacy) of the state federation for the sport of Go. Chaired the state council of the Society, four chapters and counting.
  • General secretary, February 2020 to present: as previous, except actual president elected to hold that portfolio instead of me.
  • Director for the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Queensland Go Championships; 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Brisbane Spring; 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Gold Coast Classic, 2019 and 2020 Australian Digital tournaments.
January 2011 2011 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Full-time volunteer for the prequel miniconferences, the main conference and the immediate tear down.
  • Duties: coordinate room teams, introduce and support speakers, operate camera and audio equipment as part of a team for recording of presentations, generic logistics and crowd control.
  • Reported to Raymond Smith of HUMBUG. Worked in teams of three for the A/V and autonomously for the rest of the work.
February 2009 Pormpur Paanth Child Care Centre Pormpuraaw, Queensland, Australia
November 2007 - December 2018 Australian Go Association
  • Management committee member November 2007 to December 2012, December 2014 to June 2018, and national webmaster 2008-2017.
  • National secretary from November 2009 to November 2011. Duties included: writing and receiving correspondence, coordinating the selection of Australian representatives to international tournaments, keeping minutes and other records, organising and reporting to general meetings.
  • National treasurer from November 2011 to December 2012, December 2014 to June 2018. Duties included: tracking association expenditures and income, managing association bank account, moderating association online membership system, reporting to general meetings.
  • Tournament director for the 2011 (Gold Coast), 2015 (Brisbane), and 2018 (Gold Coast) Australian National Go Championships, 2015, 2016 and 2018 Australian Digital tournaments.
September 2005 Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation Nhulunbuy, Northern Territory, Australia
February 2005 - February 2015 Brisbane Go Club Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Management committee member, February 2005 to March 2013.
  • Club secretary, March 2008 to March 2013. Organised tournaments, other events, and catering thereof, kept meeting minutes and other records, assisted treasurer with bookkeeping and financials, managed club correspondence, organised and report to general meetings of the club, maintained club web pages and social media.
  • Managed incorporation as a Queensland incorporated association in 2008, compliance and reporting as an IA for five years, and disincorporation in 2013 per vote of the general meeting.
  • Chapter convenor, March 2014 (federation into Queensland Go Society as a chapter) to February 2015. Like unto secretary, but with much less paperwork due to disincorporation and federation with the QGS.
  • Director for the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Queensland Go Championships; 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Gold Coast Classic; and 2012 MCSQ Cup tournaments.
March 2002 - April 2003 Griffith University Council Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Elected member
March 2002 - December 2005 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Editorial volunteer
January 2000 - April 2005 Griffith University Postgraduate Students Association Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Served terms as Communications Officer in 2000 and 2001.
  • Served terms as Nathan Campus Coordinator in 2002 and 2003.
  • Served as webmaster and emeritus committee member as required.
January 1999 - December 2002 Peninsula Toastmasters Club 1444-69 Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia
  • Served one term as Sergeant-at-Arms and two terms as Vice-President (Education).
Erdős number

At most 6 (via Chengzheng Sun).




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